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Image of I Am King Malcolm

I Am King Malcolm

I remember back in 2015, when I was going through my Self Realization process, I would spend hours on hours, days after days watching Malcolm X speeches and interviews on YouTube; and, after about a week or 2 I think I’ve watched them all; so, I then began to read his Autobiography.
I am astonished by the impact he has left on this planet and by the example of leadership he has left behind for us to follow.
I disagree with the image America paints for King Malcolm X. They only show him in the negative light along with many other great Black Leaders/Heroes. They never mention how many people he have cured of drug addictions nor do they ever mention any other great things he had done in the community. They only show this “radical, angry black man”.
King Malcolm’s legacy had impacted me in such a way that I feel it’s only right to create a design that pays homage to him and all he have done.
30% off each I Am King Malcolm t-shirts will be donated to the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation which was founded by Mrs. Rowena Moore in 1971. So, not only are you buying a dope t-shirt that pays homage to a Legend, but you are also supporting the Malcolm X Memorial Foundation which is keeping the Legend’s legacy alive.