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It all began with a sequence of dreams. Dreams which spoke of self-awareness and told timeless tales of truth. They were all too ethereal, unlike any other. So much so that they lit the fire of inspiration in the

dreamer and prompted him to massive action.


It was so that Conscious Clothing was birthed in 2016. With its featured colors, design and artwork, the clothing line is one which mirrors the art and heart of

the Ancient Egyptians. It is a reflection of the motherland Africa, representing culture and enlightenment. You’ll often find a map of “The Gift of the Nile”, as Africa is so nicknamed, needled into each fine thread of fabric to be worn as a proud badge of honor.


As the brand name suggests, the mission is to catch each calmed consciousness afire and breathe light as well as life into the dim mind. With the slogan: “All is

mental, if you can think it, you can do it,” Conscious Clothing is the catalyst of a grand awakening, but only for those who conceive it.

Founded by Peaceful Warrior and based on his goal to inspire others to live out their value and not get stuck living out someone else’s dream, Conscious Clothing is a cosmic ray of light to those facing the alleys of life. “Most people die inside while living out another person’s dream,” Peaceful Warrior poetically

expresses, “I guess that’s what keeps us asleep,” he concludes – a powerful statement revealing the need for mindset shifts. Peaceful Warrior seeks to make a global impact by taking his brand to an international level.