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Image of Customized Retro Seeatsuit
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Customized Retro Seeatsuit

I remember around this time last year, I was tired of selling plain sweatsuits and hoodies; so, I would try my best to make them stand out. I was hoping and wishing to master (or even start practicing) the art of sewing. Here I am, 1 year later and manifesting the thoughts I had back then.
When it comes to you manifesting your vision, just know that it never happens right away. In some cases, it takes days, months, or even years just to turn your mental thought into a physical reality. Your dreams may seem like they’re taking forever to achieve; but trust me, giving up now won’t speed up the process.
Keep working on your vision until it starts to unfold before your eyes. NEVER GIVE UP!!! No matter what the circumstances are.
Usually takes 8-10 business days.