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Heru brings initiate to Asar

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Image of Heru brings initiate to Asar

Asar (seated on throne) is the father of Heru (middle). It is through Heru (higher self) in which we discover Asar (eternal soul). The crown that Heru has on his head is a crown of the combination of Upper and Lower Egypt (balance of our higher and lower self).
In order for us to recognize our eternal soul, we must balance out our higher and lower nature.
Just a few weeks ago I came to the realization that I am not this physical human body. Neither are you. We are the eternal soul that exists within this physical body. Once this physical body dies our eternal soul still exists. Just not on this physical realm.
The #ancestors knew this which is why they heavily emphasized #KnowThyself. They did not believe in more than more GOD. The word GOD didn't exist in their vocabulary; but, they did believe in ONE CREATOR with many different aspects to describe that ONE CREATOR.